Who me?

Hello world!

It’s me, Craving Currently, or as my birth certificate and essentially everyone else knows me as, Melissa. That’s me up there in that picture (hats off to my Instagram (and IRL) Husband for his photo skills) in what I’d like to call my natural habitat; wine glass in hand, oversized dress of some sort and a hat.

For one reason or another you’ve navigated through the vast amount of websites out there and found yourself to me and for that I want to say WELCOME! I hope you continue browsing, share some feedback and check back often!

I keep this blog as a space to remember, embrace, and reflect on the adventure, the mess, the crazy, and the wonderful things I crave each and everyday –  whether it’s a steak taco, an insane shoe sale, or an affordable pinot craving currently is a space to highlight and embrace all of life’s cravings.

So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for stopping by – hang out for a while and take a peek into what I’m #cravingcurrently.


Above image by: Jaclyn Steele Photography

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