la cuchara.

It’s that time again – Try It Tuesday! Now based on last week and this week you may start thinking these posts will only be about food… but I promise you, they won’t! My adventure last…

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8 ball meatball.

I’ve decided to start a new weekly series called Try It Tuesday. Each Tuesday you should expect something new that I’ve tried out and my review of it; I’m hoping it will inspire some of you to…

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weekend food wind down.

Don’t you just love those weekends when you have no plans and you can just go with the flow? I was #cravingcurrently some relaxation at home and I got just that. Only yesterday when I…

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superbowl snacking.

The biggest game of the year is upon us yet again – the  s u p e r b o w l. Across most TV/News outlets they’ve already been pumping everyone up for the big…

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brunching in bmore.

It’s Friday – the day we wait ALL week for – the one day that’s a little easier to get out of bed and a day that seems to move a long just a little…

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