Mixing It up with honeygrow

When I first saw that honeygrow was coming to Baltimore I didn’t really think twice; I hadn’t heard of this Philly based restaurant yet and therefore had zero opinion formed. Fast forward to my recent…

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Holiday Desserts for Every Party

SO you signed up to bring dessert to the work Holiday potluck, Friends dinner or Family party and once again you’re out of that magic thing called time to prep let alone bake anything. Well,…

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Restaurant Review – Rachel

As most of you know I currently live in the Fells Point neighborhood of Baltimore. My typical nights out are over on this side of the pond and it’s usually a rare occasion that I…

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Holidaze: sides.

It’s official, it’s Thanksgiving week which means we are only about one month from Christmas. It’s getting real people and if you’re anything like me you’re ridiculously  e x c i t e d !!!…

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tapas in the city.

Alright guys – I’m going to get real and let you all in on a not so secret, secret. When I go to a restaurant I typically sit down – glance over the wine menu, order…

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