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Current Cravings

  • Thailand Travel: Bangkok & Chiang Mai

    Thailand Travel: Bangkok & Chiang Mai
  • Spring Transition Favorites

    Spring Transition Favorites
  • A Relaxing Morning at Live! Spa

    A Relaxing Morning at Live! Spa
  • Making a House a Home and Our New Normal

    Making a House a Home and Our New Normal

Wedding Series: How To Be a Chill AF Bride

GUYS, Matt and I are officially under the six month (almost five month) stretch to our wedding date! To many of you this is probably still a long time OR potentially even the length of…

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Ten Thoughts I Had During My First [solidcore] Experience

Let me first start off my saying I wouldn’t call myself a fitness guru, health nut or gym rat – you all know I enjoy a doughnut and long lazy days full of Netflix binges…

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1988 Was a Good Year. #Hello30

3 0 . Tomorrow I turn thirty. Sitting here just typing that has me feeling all sorts of ways. Probably because I still sometimes almost blurt out 25 when people ask how old I am…

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So This Happened…

Eight years ago I moved to Federal Hill with some college friends and couldn’t wait to begin discovering and living ‘city life’. Over those eight years, I moved from the outskirts (if you know Baltimore, and knew…

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Galentine’s Day and the Celebration Female Friendships

Happy February all! I’ve been a little MIA from blog posts these past few weeks because I’ve been super busy with some big life things – I’ll spill the beans on that soon enough 🙂…

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