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sales on sales.

Now that the Holiday season has officially come to an end and all the gift giving is (most likely) done it’s time to treat yo’self! If you’re #cravingcurrently a sale, this post is for you!

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sweater weather foods.

With the cold temperatures setting in (FINALLY #sweaterweather) I was #cravingcurrently something hearty and meaty.

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let go.

Resolving in 2016.

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the ZAR

If there’s one thing in this entire world that I’m constantly craving it’s the attention of my Frenchie, Zara, or as we like to call her…

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Craving Florence.

It’s 8AM on a Wednesday, what else would I be craving right now? Steak. Prosciutto. Parmesan. Oh, that’s right…

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