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8 ball meatball.

I’ve decided to start a new weekly series called Try It Tuesday. Each Tuesday you should expect something new that I’ve tried out and my review of it; I’m hoping it will inspire some of you to…

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trending trends.

Whether it’s scrolling through the Spring South Moon Under lookbook, my Pinterest feed, some of my favorite Fashion blogs or Instagram I’ve noticed some recurring trends. Whether it’s a flared pant, a cutout sleeve or a…

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weekend food wind down.

Don’t you just love those weekends when you have no plans and you can just go with the flow? I was #cravingcurrently some relaxation at home and I got just that. Only yesterday when I…

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falling back in love with Target.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’ve ALWAYS been in love with Target, I distinctly remember making Target runs in middle school with my Aunt with the only reason being “making a Target run”. Recently though they…

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transition tuesday.

It may be a rainy Tuesday outside but this plaid shift dress is getting me in the mood for Spring. The weather has been warming up lately which pushed me to pick up this piece…

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