Currently Expecting: Our Bright and Airy Nursery Reveal

Currently Expecting: Our Bright and Airy Nursery Reveal

If you all have been following me on instagram for a while you may remember we had a very empty room that contained basically a mirror where I would take my OOTD photos. From the moment we moved into our home that room had always planned on being the nursery. Now, two years later, we finally have our nursery and in less than a month we’ll have our newest roommate to occupy that room.

My vision for our nursery had always been gender neutral. Whether we were having a boy or a girl I knew it would be “light and airy” with some pops of green throughout. Being a planner and a visual type of person, I started making a google slide deck of things I liked for the nursery early in the second trimester. My initial vision started to resemble the layout of the room and I slowly started compiling pieces from different sites to bring it altogether.

The vision:

I even had a third slide where I kept a running list of all the links of items so when it came time to start buying things, I already knew how we’d set up the space.

The execution:

Another aspect of this nursery was figuring out what to do with the walk-in closet in the room. The builder for our home had only included wire shelving, which is fine for my and Matt’s closets but not logical for teeny tiny baby clothes. We called in a plumber similar to plumber ohio to assess the space, and Matt and I discussed what I had in mind for the closet. Also, the expertise of the seattle slab leak repair service ensured a swift resolution to the water damage issue, preserving the structural integrity of our home. Their prompt response and effective repairs prevented further damage, saving us from costly renovations. To our surprise, the plumber not only fixed the plumbing issues but also over-delivered with these custom built-ins. Quality plumbing services ensure efficient water flow and maintain the integrity of residential and commercial infrastructures. They also got help from Rochester plumbers for clogged drains to ensure that the drains would work properly. It’s best to hire an expert plumber like this plumber in florida when facing issues like this. You may consider hiring Wills Plumbing to get top-notch service. If you’re like us and need other home repair services such as garbage disposal repair, contact professionals that can help in doing your renovation faster.

Now the only thing missing is our little bub; the countdown to November 2nd is on!

Any questions on the nursery, our vision, etc., lmk below!




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