Currently Expecting: Second Trimester Purchases

Currently Expecting: Second Trimester Purchases

WOW, it’s hard to believe we are in the final stretch of this pregnancy and only a couple weeks out from meeting our little guy! Here I am at 35 weeks realizing that I haven’t kept you all in the loop during this pregnancy very much.

My full-time day job has kept me really busy and I honestly had a pretty seamless second trimester and have had a rather easy third trimester as well! I’ve been able to work out regularly, keep my energy up and avoid (knock on wood considering we still have a couple weeks left) a majority of the “pain points” I have heard a lot about during pregnancy. There have been a couple things I purchased mid-way through my second trimester though that I’ve been using daily that I feel have made the last couple of months a bit easier. While none of these items are truly groundbreaking for expecting Mamas, I do feel they are worth sharing with you all :).

SO here are a couple items I’ve been obsessing over the last few weeks of pregnancy;

A Pregnancy Pillow

I’ll be honest, I hesitated getting one of these. I had it in my cart and then would say “no, no I don’t NEED it”. But after a couple back and forth evenings of talking about it to Matt… it showed up in a box on our front step (Matt pulled the trigger on my behalf… I guess I was complaining more than I thought HA). I honestly was kicking myself for not ordering it sooner though. They have plenty of lower and higher priced options out there but here is the one I’ve been loving!

A Pill Organizer

At 28 weeks my Doctor determined I am slightly anemic so I started taking some iron pills every other day (on top of my prenatal and some DHA supplement). Adding in an iron pill every other day somehow made me so confused… daily. Did I take the iron pill yesterday? Or do I take it today? All this back and forth made me “invest” in a weekly pill organizer. Super cheap and honestly has made remembering to take my vitamins everyday super easy!

Under $5 on Amazon (here)!

Align Leggings

I’ve talked about these before (pre-pregnancy too) and they are some of my FAVORITE leggings. I snagged a couple more pairs (in my same pre-pregnancy size) because they have the best stretch. Highly recommend.

I snag the 25″ because they hit right at my ankles (5’1″ lady over here) but the 28″ would hit average height ladies perfectly!

Above: Five weeks pregnant

Below: 20 Weeks and 34 Weeks 🙂

A Large Cup bottle with a Straw

I’ve talked about this water cup on my Instagram stories before and I’m just as obsessed as the day I got it. It helps me drink more water throughout the day and the best part… IT DOESN’T SPILL! I added the larger version to my cart as well to throw in my hospital bag :). I picked the “Winter White” but it comes in a TON of colors.

Under $25 on Amazon (here)!

That’s it! Just a couple things I’ve been using non-stop the past few weeks that I thought any expectant Mama would appreciate. Tell me.. anything you found yourself using during pregnancy that you couldn’t live without? I’d love to know below!




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