Currently Expecting: My First Trimester Recap

Currently Expecting: My First Trimester Recap

It’s crazy to think that we are almost half way through this pregnancy and that much closer to meeting our little baby boy. The first trimester was tough from an emotional standpoint for me (more on that here) but from a physical aspect it truly wasn’t too tough. I’m answering a couple of the common questions I’ve gotten from friends and family recently!

How have you been feeling?

Honestly, pretty good! A couple foods have made me feel nauseous (either the smell or the thought of them) but overall I haven’t gotten sick which I know is a blessing. The sad part is that a couple of my favorite foods haven’t been sitting with me as well as they used to. Think: tacos. Yep, I had an evening where we ordered a feast full of my favorite tacos and all I could do was sit there and stare at them :(. I also am a big veggie eater and the sound of steamed vegetables was nauseating a couple nights . I’ve been wanting more meat and even sweets (do I blame that on Instagram and the constant cookie and banana bread photos during quarantine though?).

What about exercising?

If you’ve followed me for a while you know I love Pure Barre, [solidcore] and spin. Unfortunately with quarantine I haven’t been able to visit studios but I have been able to do some streamed Pure Barre workouts as well as continue to ride the Peloton. With my first pregnancy I was very nervous about working out and really scaled back to very limited movement. After consulting with my Doctor and reassuring myself that as long as I feel well I can do it, I’ve been able to enjoy workouts as I have in the past. I listen to my body and still monitor my heart rate but have tried to let myself not obsess over the number and more on how I’m feeling.

*Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor so if you’re pregnant I’d suggest consulting with your Doctor to decide the best workouts for you.

What are you eating?

If you have followed me since our miscarriage you may remember that I was very nervous about what I could and could not eat. So much that I ate crackers one weekend because everything sounded like it could harm our baby.

Again, I am not a medical Doctor so I suggest consulting with yours but I have mainly tried to avoid the big one’s (i.e. alcohol (obviously), cold cuts, sushi, and under-cooked meats). Other than that I have tried to remain calm and not obsess over every little thing before I put it in my mouth. Cheese has been a big craving lately so I’ve been enjoying some cheddar slices every now and then with some crackers!

Do you miss coffee?

If you follow me on Instagram I regularly post my morning cup of Joe. So do I miss my coffee? Nope… because I’m still drinking it. Again, after consulting with my Doctor I made the decision that I can have one cup of coffee a day. And boy do I enjoy my one cup!

Are you showing?

FOR SURE (but is that the quarantine snacks or Baby VT?!) I felt pretty bloated in my first trimester and while Matt seems to think I’m not really showing too much… I feel that little bump growing day by day.

Do you have any ideas for names?

OF COURSE! Finding out we were having a boy helped to narrow down our list but we still haven’t settled on a name yet. Matt and I agreed that we won’t be sharing little guy’s name until he’s here with us though :). But feel free to share any favorites our way!

Have you considered a baby moon?

When we first found out we were expecting we had already had a couple trips planned this year so we figured we could turn one of them into a fun (food filled) baby moon! With the pandemic though we unfortunately had to halt all of our travel plans for the year. We are still hoping, after consulting with our Doctor, that we can do a long weekend away just us two before we become a family of three (well four 😉 ).

Well that’s all for now! If you have any other questions please feel free to comment below or DM me! I’m currently in full swing nursery research and I can’t wait to share more updates throughout this very special time!

Please enjoy some more of these very special images by Kait of Kaitlyn McNamara Photography.

A special thank you to Lynn Cipollone of @Lynny_C for custom making the meaningful sweatshirt for our little guy and the bandana for our fur babe.




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  1. Andrea
    May 29, 2020 / 1:59 pm

    Can’t wait to meet baby boy VT!!

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