Currently Loving: Some Things I’ve Tried Recently

Currently Loving: Some Things I’ve Tried Recently

Over the past few weeks, I haven’t been able to update my Currently Five series and there have been a lot of things I’m currently loving. In lieu of that, I decided it was time to do a little recap of some things I’ve tried and loved. This is a compilation of some products/things I’ve recently used and would recommend!

T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer

A couple months ago I asked you all via stories to give me recommendations on hair dryers you loved. If you remember, my old one literally started shooting flames and smoke at me one day. I pulled the trigger on the T3 Cura Luxe and wanted to ensure it stood up to the hefty price point. Spoiler alert: it did.

T3 Smooth Paddle Brush

I’m not one to fan girl over a brush but this one was the exception. Ever since I was a little girl my hair has been the knottiest. I mean my Mom would have to pour almost a bottle of ‘No More Tears for Tangles’ detangler on my hair just to get a brush through it. I recently had been using a wet brush when I would get out of the shower but also to dry my hair. This brush changed that. While my hair is still knotty AF this brush is able to easily comb through the knots while drying – no more wet brush during blow drying!

Olive & June’s The Everything Box

You all know that I like to have my nails painted and that I regularly visit the nail salon. With our current quarantine situation I obviously have not been able to head out to get my nails done so I finally turned to Olive & June to start doing some at-home manicures. This box contains their Nail Polish Remover Pot to erase old polish and prep nails, a Clean-Up Brush for easy touch-ups, a flat-edge Nail Clipper, dual-grit Nail File, a Buffer Cube for shaping and smoothing, The Poppy universal polish bottle handle, your choice of 6 color polishes, one free polish (of a chosen color that changes), custom formulated Top Coat, and nourishing Cuticle Serum with cactus flower. It literally has everything for the perfect at home manicure. I personally decided to go all in and get this box as opposed to just trying one item at a time (I was originally drawn into Olive & June because of The Poppy invention). So far I’ve been loving this entire kit. I’ve painted my nails twice, simply because I wanted to change up the color and practice my self painting skills. The color goes on smooth (you do need two to three coats), dries relatively quickly and hasn’t chipped! If you’re not ready to commit to the Everything Box just there’s The Tool Box which contains only the tools to do your own manicure OR The Studio Box which contains the tools plus one color of your choice and one free color of Olive & June’s choosing. If you just want to pick a couple products to enhance your at home manicure kits a couple of my absolute MUSTS that are available at Target;

The Poppy

Olive & June created The Poppy to help you paint with your non-dominant hand. It steadies your grip to ultimately steady your hand. After using this handle I’ll never go back to painting without it again. Bonus: it fits on any polish handle. For Olive & June colors you pop off the white larger cap but you could put it easily on top of an Essie or OPI polish as well!

This Top Coat

I’ve tried a lot of top coats in my life. I typically would stick to the ‘quick dry’ ones (as I couldn’t sit around all day waiting for my nails to dry) but then would sacrifice shine and ultimately find myself painting my nails every other day because of chipping. This top coat is different. You only need one coat, it is shiny and isn’t a ‘quick dry’ but still manages to dry rather quickly in my opinion. If you’re going to upgrade your at home manicure with anything do yourself a favor and grab this top coat.

Lavnila – The Healthy Deodorant

Let me first start by saying that I have tried probably all of the “natural” deodorants out there. From Toms to Native and even Megababe, nothing has worked the way this deodorant has. Native caused rashes, Megababe left me smelly and Toms just straight up didn’t work. A friend gifted me Lavnila deodorant and it’s the first one that not only keeps me smelling pretty (even through workouts) but also doesn’t give me rashes or cause me to sweat like crazy. If you’re struggling finding a natural deodorant that works, give this one a try!

So there you have it. A couple things I’ve been using recently that I’ve been loving. I have a couple online orders (think: beauty, fitness and all around practical) arriving over the next couple days so will let you all know if anything I get is something that you should throw into your cart!

Also, if there’s anything you’ve been using lately that you think I should try, let me know! I’m always up for testing something you all love!



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