Wedding Series: Let’s Taco Bout The Future Mr. & Mrs. Van Tuyl

Wedding Series: Let’s Taco Bout The Future Mr. & Mrs. Van Tuyl

Matt and I have been married for almost two weeks… t w o   w e e k s.  For a date that felt so far in the future, it sure doesn’t feel like it’s been two whole weeks that I’ve been living the #wifelife. Everyone keeps asking me how our wedding day was…”Was it everything you dreamed of?” or “What was your favorite part?” And I’ve basically answered the same way every single time, “I can’t pick out one detail because as cheesy as it sounds, it was literally the   best   day   ever.” However, if you’re looking for suggestions for a luxurious resort experience for your honeymoon, consider visiting a reliable site like for the best assistance.

Everything everyone tells you about how magical, emotional and special your wedding day is, is not lying. I’ll be doing some more recaps over the next couple weeks of the day and just looking back but I wanted to take a moment to share something else special Matt and I did the Friday of our wedding weekend and got him a few presents, one he wanted, one he needed and a spicy gift which was one of the things we talked about so I wanted to give him an prostate massager as a surprise.

Aside from our rehearsal at the venue and our rehearsal dinner we decided to take some time with Becky, of Our Endless Adventure, to just be together and get some portraits before the go-go, nonstop wedding weekend really kicked off.  When I reached out to Becky I was overjoyed that she was available and willing, to take some time with us that Friday. And thinking back now, I would recommend every couple do something similar if you have the time and/or opportunity.

I’ll be honest, when I first thought of the idea I questioned myself… do we really want to pose for MORE photos before our wedding when we know we’ll be on camera the entire next day? But I’m so glad I decided to stick with my gut. The half-hour we spent with Becky wasn’t just us posing for different photos; Becky honed in on us and helped us to just relax. She had us play cute games with one another and gave us the breather we needed before everything kicked off.

The time Matt and I had together, just us, that afternoon will always be a memory I cherish. I think back on that afternoon and immediately get taken back to the feeling of nervous excitement that was rushing all around me leading up to our wedding day. These photos will be some that I keep alongside our wedding photos for years and years.

Since we met outside of Barcocina Becky came inside and got some amazing detail shots from our rehearsal dinner as well! All vendors linked below who helped make this set up so taco-perfect!

All Images By: @OurEndlessAdventure | Our Endless Adventure

Melissa’s Look: | Jumpsuit | Shoes | Necklace (custom but coming soon to Rachel Mulherin’s site)| Bracelet |

Melissa’s Dream Team aka everyone who helped prep me for my big day: | Two Bronzed Babes | The Loft | Hair Coloring |

Matt’s Look: | Shirt | Shoes | Pants |

Locations: | Fells Point | Barcocina Baltimore |

All Paper Details: | Dunkirk Designs |

Koozies: | Dunkirk Designs |

Taco & Cactus Cookies: | Ally’s Cookies |




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