Mixing It up with honeygrow

Mixing It up with honeygrow

When I first saw that honeygrow was coming to Baltimore I didn’t really think twice; I hadn’t heard of this Philly based restaurant yet and therefore had zero opinion formed. Fast forward to my recent experience at honeygrow in Harbor Point Baltimore and now the only question in my mind is, when are they going to open another one closer to my house?

Easily described, via their website, “honeygrow brings people together over the highest quality, wholesome, simple foods.” A statement I agree wholeheartedly with; except maybe for the simple piece. While honeygrow may be serving up simple foods the flavors are anything but simple. They don’t buy freezers, that’s right, no freezers in any stores, and if they can source foods locally, they do. This leaves customers with the freshest ingredients and a combination of exploding flavors – anything but simple.

Matt and I had the opportunity to taste one of Baltimore’s seasonal menu items as well as a couple classic favorites mid-July. I’m sure you can guess but we left honeygrow in Harbor Point feeling full and happy.

Our stir-fry pick: The Chesapeake Crab Summer Seasonal Stir Fry

Egg noodles, blue crab, grape tomatoes, red onions, scallions, bell peppers and parsley all sitting in a bowl of the most spectacular Old Bay tomato broth. I couldn’t get enough of this stir-fry; I think by the end Matt and I were actually fighting over who got to finish it off. I’m a HUGE Old Bay fan (as in, the more the better for me) but this stir-fry had just the right amount of spice that even Matt (a non-spice lover) enjoyed, to the last noodle.

Our salad pick: Make It Grain Salad

Arugula, red quinoa, wheat berries, carrots, roasted beets, feta cheese, sweet n’ spicy cashews, all tossed in a flavor bursting honey ginger vinaigrette. I’m a big salad person so anytime someone can impress me with a good salad, I’m sold. This salad had just the right amount of crunch and a combination of different veggies I don’t always mix into my own salad (i.e. beets – need to get myself some of these for at-home salads). This salad not only impressed me but was HUGE – this photo doesn’t do the salad size justice.

We were told that we HAD to finish off our honeygrow experience with a honeybar. Not really sure what that meant but obviously if it’s something sweet to end the meal I was in; and let me tell ya, it did NOT disappoint. Fresh fruit, granola chunks, local honey and honeygrow’s housemade whipped cream.

PSA: I’m drooling writing about this right now. All honeybar’s are ‘build your own’ but you really can’t go wrong with any of the options they give you to throw in!

Overall my experience at honeygrow had me wanting only one thing…to go back to honeygrow.

So if you’re craving a quick, reasonably priced, delicious lunch or dinner I’d suggest trying honeygrow, you will not be disappointed or go home hungry.

Tell me, have you been to honeygrow? Do you have any favorite dishes or BYO masterpieces? Comment below and let me know!

‘Til my next craving!



Thanks to honeygrow for providing a spectacular lunch. While my lunch may have been sponsored, my review and thoughts are all my own. 

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