Ten Thoughts I Had During My First [solidcore] Experience

Ten Thoughts I Had During My First [solidcore] Experience

Let me first start off my saying I wouldn’t call myself a fitness guru, health nut or gym rat – you all know I enjoy a doughnut and long lazy days full of Netflix binges and couch sitting just as much as the next guy. But I do enjoy group fitness classes, you’ll more times than not, see me checking in via Instastories at Pure Barre (shoutout to the 5:30AM crew) or at a RevCycle class. So when I heard [solidcore] (a pilates and bootcamp style workout) was coming to Baltimore I knew I had to give it a try. I’ve seen lots of people posting and trying it out so I figured it might be a nice addition to my regular fitness routine.

Last weekend I signed up for a beginner trial class; they have you watch an intro video to help prepare you for your first experience, introduce the methodology behind the workout and get you hyped. After watching the video I was pumped and anxiously awaiting my Saturday afternoon class.

Saturday afternoon came around quickly and before I knew it, it was time for class – which leads me here, ten thoughts I had throughout my first [solidcore] experience;

  1. I walk in the door. Oh awesome, this place is super chic and there’s a sign that says ‘create the strongest version of yourself’ – I’m already pumped.
  2. I’m greeted by an extremely nice young girl who signs me in and gives me a quick rundown around the studio – she says she’s going to be my ‘Coach’ today.
  3. I take my shoes off, grab my water bottle and walk into the studio barefoot (no shoes or socks are required). I immediately see all these machines that they showed in the video and start feeling a little nervous – but as the room fills with more people the Coach announces that she will give everyone a rundown of the machine before class starts. Pump up music is loudly playing in the background.
  4. ‘Gather around’ the the Coach energetically yells into the studio mic (simultaneously lowering the pump up music). She introduces ‘Sweatlana’ – the machine we’ll be on the entire 50 minute class. Quickly the Coach is running through all the different pieces of the machine and I’m starting to feel my palms getting sweaty (we haven’t even done anything yet).
  5. ‘Stand at the front of your machine and slide on down to the back – we’re going to start with planks’ – Oh god, here it goes. Seconds into the class and I’m shaking trying to hold a plank on ‘Sweatlana’ – who btw, I’m beginning to hate with every ounce of my shaking body.
  6. The Coach is counting down – 15 more seconds – Oh that’s not bad, I can do this…OMG no I can’t I’m going to die, this is what dying feels like – 3, 2, 1 and the Coach yells something else out – I’m looking around, what? Where am I going? What do I do? Watching the girl next to me (who introduced herself as a Coach in Training, fewf someone to follow, before we started) and I’m into the next move-ish.
  7. Things are hurting, shaking, sweating … WHAT? …WHY? .. I CAN’T! And then I hear the Coach ‘YES MELISSA, YOU GOT THIS,  hold it for a couple more seconds!’ Oh that’s me! YES YES, I got this! and I push a little harder – WOO! DONE!
  8. Final section of class is coming –  a r m s. Ok I can do this – I got this. Three seconds in… OH MY GAWD I don’t even know what I’m feeling but it hurts, everything hurts *internally screaming*. The Coach yells, 3…2…1… DONE!!! Everyone in the class drops their bands and unleashes a simultaneous ‘sigh’.
  9. We’re high-giving each other, everyones clapping WOO WE DID IT!! I’m feeling exhausted…sweaty… tired… but also accomplished?
  10. I did it – I’m done! I’m so glad that’s over…should I ever do that again? That was probably the hardest workout I’ve ever done… I want to get better – I want to hold the positions longer – I want to be stronger. I should sign up for another class.

Image via Baltimore Studio Manager @Jaime Dardine (@jdards09)

All in all before the class I was nervous, during the class I was…internally screaming, after the class I felt accomplished and 12 hours after the class my muscles were literally saying W T F. For some people these would be reasons to never go back – but me, I want to go back – I want to push myself to get stronger and continue this love/hate relationship with Sweatlana.  

[solidcore] is no doubt, one HELL of a workout and as their website describes ‘unlike any workout you’ve done before’. If you are looking to add some further strength training into your weekly routine – I suggest giving it a shot. I won’t be giving up Pure Barre OR Cycle anytime soon but I will be trying to incorporate some [solidcore] – I’ll let you know how I feel after a couple more classes   🙂 .

And hey, maybe I’ll see you at the new Harbor Point location? (or at least at Happy Hour after….#YouDeserveIt).

Image via @solidcore via @fitcityblonde

PS – The Baltimore Harbor Point location is having their GRAND OPENING this Sunday April 15th & new studio specials are available!!




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