tapas in the city.

tapas in the city.

Alright guys – I’m going to get real and let you all in on a not so secret, secret.

When I go to a restaurant I typically sit down – glance over the wine menu, order a red and then begin to spout out how every appetizer and entree sounds good and I want one of each thing on the menu. Literally, every… damn… time I’m #cravingcurrently the entire menu.

Now obviously ordering one of each of the items on the menu is possible but not cost effective OR waistline acceptable.

Enter, Tapas in the City.

Tapas in the City was born out of this exact dilemma – how do I taste everything on the menu without having to be rolled out of the restaurant?

The founders Jordan (@jzeats) and Rachel (@liketheteaeats) love food – I personally met them at an Influencer dinner for Baltimore foodies a couple months ago. We instantly bonded over the fact that we were standing on chairs and holding plates of food in the air for better lighting. When they described Tapas in the City to me I immediately knew this was something I had to try.

I attended my first Tapas in the City event at Sammy’s Enoteca in Fells Point – I instantly fell in love. Not only are you given multiple courses but they seat you at a communal table where you are able to meet and converse with other food passionate individuals. I quickly learned that the event wasn’t just about getting a chance to taste everything on the menu but it was also a culinary experience; I was able to interact with people that had a passion for food just like I do. What better way to make friends than over a plate of duck ravioli?

A month or so passed and I saw that Tapas in the City posted they were doing an event at Points South Latin Kitchen, also in Fells Point. I had heard so many amazing things about this new restaurant but hadn’t gotten a chance to check it out. After literally drooling over a couple of Tapas’ Instagram posts I decided my boyfriend and I had to attend – let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed.

Our evening started with a glass of Red Sangria – deliciously refreshing with just the right hint of sweet. The sangria was paired with the first plate – Octopus Ceviche Tostada.

The octopus was just the right amount of tender and the crunch of the tostada was the perfect complement. An amazing start to my first experience with Latin food.


Needless to say I finished my plate and my sangria pretty quickly.

The attentive staff at Points South Kitchen was quick to clear the plates of all of the guests and bring out our next course with the next drink pairing – a glass of Tilia Torrents and Ahi Panca Prawns with Clams.


I’m not one for head on prawns (so I thought) but I couldn’t resist diving right into this dish. The broth was amazing and the clam was cooked perfectly.

After I had pretty much licked my plate clean the staff brought out the next dish and wine pairing. A glass of their Alamos red blend and Duck Pazole, Wing Confit with a Tamarind Glaze.

The wing was cooked perfectly and the pazole was so flavorful – another dish I basically licked clean.


The next course was 100% my favorite of all – Chipotle Lime Barbeque Glazed Lamb Ribs served with Pickled Papaya Salad and Garlic Chips. This dish was paired perfectly with a glass of Callia Alta (a Malbec).

Red wine and fall off the bone ribs = heaven.


Just when I thought I couldn’t eat another thing they brought out dessert. How can you say no to dessert?

A Fried Plantain Empañada drizzled with caramel served a top a Strawberry apple compote with toasted coconut paired with their ‘Lavender Royal’ drink.  The perfect ending to an amazing food experience.


Are you drooling yet? I know I am…

Overall – my second experience with Tapas in the City was even better than my first, blowing away my already high expectations. We had some amazing food and drinks accompanied by some great conversation at my table.

I’d say maybe I’ll be back for another event but I already purchased my ticket to their November pop up at Wayward Southern Bar and Kitchen in Federal Hill. Once you see the menu the team has prepared you’ll immediately want to join me.

So… see you there?! Purchase tickets here (use promo code “WBK” for a discount)!





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