roll to me.

roll to me.

Now I don’t know about any of you but I was not able to travel to Brazil with the rest of the U.S. Olympic team this past August; I guess they didn’t think my speed walking skills were up to par. 😉

I may have not been able to travel to Brazil but I recently was able to get a taste of Brazil via Forno de Minas and their amazing ‘Pão de Queijo’ or Brazilian cheese rolls. Now if you’ve ever been #cravingcurrently a quick, easy, and delicious side to any dinner – these rolls need to be on your list.

The Forno de Minas recipe for these cheese rolls is a family recipe passed down generation after generation – lucky for you and I, “Dona” Dalva, decided that in 1990 she needed to share this recipe with the world – which led to Forno de Minas – a still family owned company.

All ingredients found in the rolls are sourced from local producers to keep the product true to its Brazillian roots with their sole mission being  to ‘Provide convenient and innovative foods, with homemade taste and quality.

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And quality they truly are – I popped a couple of the rolls into the oven one night as a side for one of my go-to chicken recipes (found here). Within minutes my house was filled with the amazing aroma from the rolls. With their outer layer being golden + crisp and the inside fluffy + soft – it’s hard to eat just one of these amazing rolls (spoiler: I ate way more than one…).

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Some other delicious Brazilian treats are pictured below as well – Brazilian Coffee, Guava paste, Dulce de leche & Brazilian nuts.

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SO, are you ready to try your first batch of Pão de Queijo? Click here for a $1 off coupon! Also be sure to check Forno de Minas out on Facebook and Instagram – and when you finally get your taste of Brazil – let me know how amazing it was!






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