for the good of this world.

for the good of this world.

I think it’s no secret to any of you that I’m a whole-hearted believer in the power of positivity. Whether it’s via an Instagram caption or products that promote positivity + empowerment – I try to believe that there is something positive in every single day. Now I’m not naive – there are bad days, terrible days, those days when no matter how many smiles or compliments you receive you just can’t be positive. We are all human + I get it. But more times than not – positivity plays a large part in my every day life.

It should come as no surprise then that when I come across a product whose sole mission is to “…provide products as vehicles for motivation, inspiration and positivity.” I need to learn more.

Mieroglyphs is that company & if you are #cravingcurrently a little (or a lot) of positivity in your life – these products are for you.

I got my Mieroglyphs bracelet in the mail a couple of weeks ago – when I opened it up I immediately began to smile.


The inscription on my bracelet reads, “From discord find harmony. [Albert Einstein’s 2nd Law of Work]”. I decided to keep this quote on my bracelet as a reminder that when in moments of pure and utter friction or conflict – be the voice of reason and calm; nice guys don’t always finish last.

If you choose – there is an option for each purchaser to customize a personal message or quote on the bracelet. Whether it’s a special date, name or quote something that reminds you of something positive or happy.

With its vegan cork-leather and magnetic clasp this piece is an easy everyday addition to my arm party.

Along with my bracelet I also chose to get the Miero Dog Collar with Zara’s name engraved on the collar. Like the bracelets, the Miero dog collars are made with cork-leather as well and can be customized with your contact information, dogs name, or a personal message!



Want to get one for yourself? Surprise a friend? Or fancy up your pet? Use code “CURRENTLY10” to get 10% off your entire order! The ‘simple gold’ bracelet featured is finally back in stock so SHOP NOW before it sells out again!


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Once you get yours tag @mieroglyphs + @cravingcurrently so I can see how you styled yours! Need some inspiration? Check out @mieroglyphs on Instagram!

Cheers Loves!



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