what’s in my bag – weekend edition.

what’s in my bag – weekend edition.

Alright guys – it’s FINALLY summertime! And you know what that means?

Weekend trips!

I don’t know about everyone else but I like to take full advantage of all my weekend hours every season but especially Summer. With the harsh Winter we had here in Baltimore and the endless rain in May I decided I will not be wasting ANY sunshine hours.

Now, a Baltimore Summer means hot temps & major humidity – recipe for a super stylish hair-d0, amirite? I find myself carrying around little essentials to keep me feeling my best when I’m out and about.

So if you’re #cravingcurrently a little outdoor time but want to be sure you’re still relatively presentable – here’s a peak into what’s currently in my bag, weekend edition (and to be honest, every weekeday too).

1. Dry Shampoo // I’ve been trying to wash my hair less (Need convincing? read this) and you never know when you’re going to need some volume or texture in your hair – TRESemme is my go-to! I also keep some hair spray and my “BIG mini” brush.
2. Face Wipes // You’re out having fun and have literally sweat off all our makeup – freshen up with a wipe!
3. Sunglass(es) // I need options people – and I’m 100% opposed to squinting.
4.  Perfume // Sunshine, Humidity, Sweat – do I need to say more?
5. TeaTank // If you don’t know, now you know. Hot or Cold infused water (lemon, lime, cucumber), Loose leaf herbal or black tea, really anything! The double-walled insulated glass keeps keeps your beverage piping hot or ice cold.



So tell me, what’s in your weekend bag?





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