50 things that make me happy.

50 things that make me happy.

I was inspired by Everything’s Looking Rosie to put together a list of 50 Things That Make Me Happy – Wednesday’s can be tough, especially rainy ones, so what better way to get through a long day than thinking of all the amazing things in life that make you smile.

Here goes nothing!

  1. My frenchie, Zara
  2. Climbing into bed after a long day
  3. Sleeping on freshly cleaned sheets
  4. My Mom’s spaghetti and meatballs
  5. Good hair days
  6. Birthday’s
  7. Buffalo chicken anything
  8. Waking up to the smell of coffee on the weekends
  9. Notes for no reason (from my favorite human <3 )
  10. Good smelling candles
  11. Curb appeal (Fixer Upper anyone?)
  12. Flavored seltzer water
  13. Laughing until I {almost} cry
  14. Spontaneous happy hours with friends
  15. Sunrises
  16. Random outbursts of song and/or dance
  17. Puns + cheesy jokes
  18. Getting a good deal
  19. Productive Sunday’s (kicking off the week right)
  20. Lazy Sunday’s (…we all need these every now and then)
  21. Elephants
  22. Good eyebrows (respect the brow game)
  23. Catching up with old friends
  24. Meeting new people and realizing you get along really well
  25. A clean house
  26. Laying on the beach
  27. Looking through old pictures
  28. Wineries
  29. Ravens Tailgates
  30. Baking
  31. Doodling
  32. DIY projects
  33. Pretty latte art (because I could never make pretty latte art)
  34. Brunch
  35. People who remember your name after meeting them (I try hard at this… but am not always the best at it)
  36. Getting off work when it’s still light outside
  37. Blogging
  38. Being outside when the weather is just perfect.
  39. Sanwhiches (I love sandwhiches)
  40. Singing throwback songs (Spice Girls, N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, shall I go on?)
  41. Planning vacations
  42. Surprises
  43. Hugs from loved ones (because sometimes hugging a stranger can be awkward 😉 )
  44. Those videos of babies laughing really hard
  45. Ellen (just everything about her)
  46. The endorphin rush you get after a good workout (or when the endorphin rush kicks in during a workout)
  47.  Stepping out of your comfort zone and discovering something new
  48. Old Bay (on errrrthing)
  49. My family
  50. Smiling for no reason at all and realizing how many things you have in your life to be happy about.

There you have it folks – my ‘50 Things That Make Me Happy‘. As Rosie menionted in her post, I thought this was going to be tough, but it was actually really easy! As I sit here and finish up this blog post I’m actually (or awkwardly…) smiling.


SO, here’s my challenge to you – take a shot at your list, really, what are you waiting for?








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