the loft.

the loft.

Instagram has become such a great marketing tool for business’s to get their product/brand/etc. across. I most recently had an amazing find via Instagram called The Loft – per their site a private boutique style treatment space nestled in between Hamden and Clipper Mill, Md.  We specialize in eyebrow design + henna, eyelash extensions and luxury skin care treatments.

I was scrolling through my discover feed and came across some amazing looking eyebrows (sounds awkward but eyebrows are kinda a big deal 😉 ). I clicked on the photo and discovered an amazing feed showing before and after pictures – I had to make an appointment.

Now I’m getting ahead of myself – to give you some background on my eyebrow history (yes there is history) I had a tramatic experience in College where a salon accidently spilled extra wax on my eyebrow while waxing them and ripped off half my left eyebrow. Needless to say, I was a dramatic mess when I heard the salon lady say “oh no” and then I saw what she had done.

Now that you have my history – let’s fast forward to the present – I’ve been growing my eyebrows out and plucking them myself for the past let’s just call it five years so making an appointment was a big deal. I was #cravingcurrently a much needed eyebrow overall though, so I clicked book.

Walking into the building where the loft is housed is a very cool experience in itself – it’s in an historic building in Clipper Mill tucked quiantly in a neighborhood. It was a Saturday so the business’s that also occupy the space were empty for the weekend.

As I made my way toward the salon I felt myself beginning to get some butterflies – I was about to trust another with my eyebrows again (big deal guys). But as soon as I walked in the door Natalie (the owner) was there to greet me with a big comforting smile – the salon in itself was amazing as well. A relaxing enviornment filled with light, candles, and music that just relaxes you; the perfect ambiance.

I sat in Natalie’s chair and she began to look at my eyebrows – gave me a mirror and started giving me “mesuarements”. What?! I thought to myself – she actually cared how they were going to look based on MY face shape – not just cleaning the mess I had left to grow out over the past years.

After going through the measurements I had to blurt out my previous experience to Natalie and explain my current non-existent brow game. I laugh about it at this point (since I now have two full eyebrows again) and she laughed along telling me my eyebrows looked completely recovered and she couldn’t tell. She also explained she wouldn’t be using wax but instead a treatment called “microtweezing”. Let me tell you – it was amazing – not painful like waxing.

The entire brow design experience took about 30ish minutes and once I got up from her chair I was amazed at what she had done (could have hugged her but it being our first meeting and all I figured I’d restrain myself). She had done what I thought couldn’t be done – transformed these brows from feroucious to fleek. #hipwiththelingo

I left that day with awesome brows and a large boost of self confidence.

Needless to say I went back about three weeks later and tried out the henna. Natalie mixed up the perfect shade and it took about 10 minutes to set – so in total almost 45/50 minutes for this appointment.

Again, I had the same experience – getting up from the chair I was in complete awe at what she had done. Not only did my eyebrows look amazing – the henna was to last about 7-10 days on my skin and then almost 30 on my brow color – saving me about five extra minutes in my morning routine.

If you’ve ever had a bad brow experience, are looking for a change or just desperately need help with your brow game – Natalie is your girl and the loft is the next site you should be navigating to after this to book an appointment.

Check out her WebsiteInstagram or Facebook if you need any more convincing.

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