judgement of jonas.

judgement of jonas.

It’s over. The biggest storm in Baltimore history.

I’m sure there will still be snow on the ground and I’ll be wearing my bean boots until March but we made it people!

As I made the trek to Barre class at 6AM and then to work around 9, I finally had that feeling of a routine back; even if that early morning trek involved slipping and sliding from Fells Point to Canton.

And now – as I’m literally thawing out – I’m #cravingcurrently a reflection on the good, the bad, the ugly… the official judgement of my Jonas Preparedness.

Here’s some things I have learned – how do you compare?

1 – Know Where your Supplies Are

I’m talking, hats, scarves, gloves – don’t just have a few – have a BUNCH. Being a clothes hoarder (I’m getting better…) I tend to have all of these things but I didn’t have them all in the right place. There was one glove here and a hat there. Trust me, this isn’t helpful when it already takes you a half hour to get layered up before heading outside…

TIP: Get a basket and just pile all your snow supplies up by the door.

2 – Stock up on the essentials

Sure bread, milk, and eggs are all great but when it comes down to it – when the power goes out (and trust me it did) the most essential items: (1) Cheap Cabernet (2) Flashlights (3) Blankets and (4) an external charger.

TIP: Most liquor stores have case discounts on wine – snow’s coming, stock up and save per bottle. Just sayin’

3 – Know Your Area

If you live in the suburbs and nothing is in walking distance – make sure to have a stock pile of movies on deck to keep your interest. If you’re in the city – look out for snow day specials at bars (they love this stuff). Since we live in the city we were able to get snowed in at our favorite bar – with bottomless mimosas..

TIP: Netflix

4Have Fun

Don’t let snow get the best of you. How many times a year do you get to stay in your PJ’s, not wear makeup to a bar, get days off work, AND have an excuse to make homemade pancakes? So… lay in a pile of snow, throw snowballs at your dog and watch her try to catch them… whatever it is, just have fun with it.

TIP: “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it.. change your attitude.” -Maya Angelou


Welp, that’s it – short and sweet people. I think I fared pretty well this go-around but just remember – winter isn’t over…







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