layers on layers.

layers on layers.

This weather has been all sorts of crazy – it was warm for weeks, finally dipped into that sweater weather crisp air, got frigid, then went back to warm this past weekend (thanks global warming?) Well, Monday morning came around and BOOM – it was in the thirties, windy, and well just January.

When the temps drop, my go to outfit addition is a great layering piece. You know because every winter it’s the same thing – you’re freezing outside, you sit in the office for an hour or so and then you find yourself sweating like it was the middle of July – they cranked that heat up! Your answer? A great cardigan or poncho; you can just take that outer-layer off and feel comfortable.

Last week we talked about the amazing post-Holiday sales that are going on – so if you couldn’t tell, I’m a girl that loves me a good bargain. Here’s some of my favorite layering pieces – bonus – they are ALL under $50!

  1. South Moon Under, ‘Michael Stars Stripe Pattern Reversible Cape’ – $44.99


  1. South Moon Under, ‘Matty M Side Slit Knit Print Cardigan Sweater – $33.74

SMU Matty M Poncho.JPG

3. Nordstrom Rack, Leibl ’38 Chunky Turtleneck Zipper Poncho’ – $39.97

Nordstrom Rack Zipper Poncho.JPG

4. Nordstrom Rack ‘Peach Love Cream California’ Turtleneck Poncho – $22.40

Nord Rack TurtleNeck Poncho Black.JPG

5. Nordstrom Rack ‘H.I.P. Colorblock Seam Cardigan – $16.97

Nord Rack Colorblock Cardi.JPG

6. Nordstrom Rack ‘Chaus Marled Cardigan’ – $44.97

Nord Rack Marled Cardi

7. Shein ‘Grey Color Block Loose Cardigan’ – $27.99

Shein Loose Cardi

8. Shein ‘Khaki Lapel Long Sleeve Loose Coat’ – $26.33

shein coat.JPG

9. ASOS ‘Bold Stripe Woven Cape with Slot Through Detail’ – $42.77

Asos Stripe Cape.JPG

10. ASOS ‘Plain Cape’ – $30.79

ASOS Plain Cape.JPG





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