let go.

let go.

It’s the first Monday of 2016 and I’m #cravingcurrently my resolution, or, my non-resolution resolution. Let’s do this right?

No. More. Excuses.

Everyone’s hitting the gym, starting diets, or resolving to do something that will hopefully better their health, their finances, etc. The problem I’ve personally found with resolutions is that I always start out strong and then slowly fade into this sense of “oh I’ll pick back up with {my diet, saving, exercising, etc.} tomorrow” So this year, I’m resolving to not do something per-se but instead resolve to live a certain way.

What is she talking about? I’m sure you’re saying to yourself at this point – isn’t that the same thing? I’m sure it may sound that way but let me take a step back.

Back in June I discovered something called ‘The Giving Keys’ – if you haven’t heard of them, STOP and watch the founder Caitlin Crosby’s Ted talk here; also visit their site and read about them.

The story captivated me and I wanted a key – I went to a local boutique here in Baltimore and purchased my first key – Focus. It was right before I was heading on a work trip to California and I knew it was going to be hard to focus on what I needed to accomplish out there so I was using this key to get me through the week traveling. Focus on the now and be present –  is what I kept telling myself.

Well that week was TOUGH – there were issues and some tension had arose  so each night when I called my boyfriend to vent he kept reminding me to think about my key and focus. So I did.

After an exhausting week I finally got back to Baltimore late on Friday night of that week and collapsed onto the couch. My boyfriend suddenly handed me a small white box – confused (it wasn’t my birthday, I didn’t do anything special, and admittedly I was a little jet-lagged) I opened the box – Strength. He had gotten me another key.

This whole week, he said, you’ve focused and pushed through by looking at your key –  you are stronger than you know and I thought you could use another key as a reminder.

As months went on I wore those keys, Focus + Strength, I got asked about them all the time, they are unique keys. I reminded myself each day about what they meant to me and why I wore them. For some reason though, I had not felt I could give them away, the time wasn’t right. I still don’t feel it’s right, but that brings me back to my resolution for 2016

I’m resolving to be present, be loud and be alive.

What does that mean you ask?

Be Present. I want to focus on the now – appreciate all the little things around me that make my life wonderful and amazing all at the same time.

Be Loud. Around friends and family I’m at times the loudest person in the room – not afraid or apprehensive on giving my opinion or jumping into a conversation.  At work – its a bit different of a scenario. I need to practice my strength and speak up often and with authority.

Be Alive. This one seems easy right? Uh, you are alive? But I want to practice letting go of things that just don’t matter or shouldn’t cause burden on my life. Whether that’s a physical or emotional state I’m learning and practicing to let it go and really l i v e.

So here’s to 2016 – hoping to live my resolution and eventually Pay it Forward and give my keys away. How do you plan on living in 2016?




“It’s our responsibility as humans to take care of each other. It’s our duty as humans to care for people when we are weak and broken.” – Caitlin Crosby







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