la cuchara.

la cuchara.

It’s that time again – Try It Tuesday! Now based on last week and this week you may start thinking these posts will only be about food… but I promise you, they won’t!

My adventure last week at 8 Ball Meatball was celebrating my boyfriend’s “30 Days until 30” (totes a thing ;)) and this past week at La Cuchara we were celebrating my Birthday. Our experience was once again A++ so this Try It Tuesday I HAD to share.

If you’re #cravingcurrently a place where every single course you find yourself blown away by deliciousness – this ones for you.

Walking into this place you are simply blown away by the decor and ambiance. Looking straight back beyond the enormous bar you can see directly to the open kitchen – which in an of itself is amazing. The wood burning oven they cook on and the Chef’s bustling around got this self-proclaimed foodie oh so excited.


We were seated at our table right next to the open kitchen so I could gaze lovely as my food cooked (kidding.. but seriously πŸ™‚ ). Our waiter greeted us and upon learning it was our first visit at the restaurant began explaining the menu and what we should expect. The menu was a bit overwhelming so I was gracias for his explanations.

We decided to start with some Pintxos – they are one or two bite little “pre-appetizers” to snack on while you browse the menu.

We tried the Boquerones, Mojo Picón, Cilantro and the Jamón Croquettes – both were amazing. The croquettes though were by far my favorite – they were breaded and flash-fried on the outside and then had this creamy cheesy filling with just a hint of ham. I could have eaten 60. 

Next, we tried the bayonne ham – melt in your mouth slices.


For our Primeros we ordered the patatas braves and the spinach, which came with crispy Serrano so I had to taste. The Chef also sent out a plate of the foraged wild ingredients; I’m so glad he did because it was one of my favorite of all three dishes. Every single one of these dishes I couldn’t stop talking about how amazing they were after each bite.


Above: Patatas Bravas, Garlic, Onion Confit, Mojo Picón


Above: Spinach, Crispy Serrano, Black Walnut Vinaigrette 


Above: Foraged Wild Ingredients, Black Trumpet and Hedgehog Mushrooms, Fiddlehead Ferns, Wild Onions, Watercress Mousse

After all this food, I was getting pretty stuffed but there was still more to come. For our entrees I ordered the Duck Confit and my boyfriend ordered the Lamb shoulder. My duck was OUT OF THIS WORLD – so tender it just fell off the bone. I can honestly say it’s the best duck I’ve had. I didn’t taste the Lamb shoulder but Matt said it too was amazing.


Above: Duck Confit Butternut Squash and Hazelnuts (so good had to get two shots of it)


Above: Lamb Shoulder, Saffron Rice, Cucumber, Yogurt, Mint, Pistachio Tximitxurri

By NOW, I was about to lay down in my seat and take a nap – food coma was in full force. But, it was my Birthday so we just HAD to take a look at the dessert menu. We got what they called the Vacherin – it had a light airy meringue layered with chocolate mousse,  and drizzled with passionfruit caramel.

Something sweet to top off an amazing meal.





All in all – my experience at Lu Cuchara exceeded every expectation I had for it – all the reviews I read were ON POINT and I will be going back again, real soon. πŸ™‚







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