8 ball meatball.

8 ball meatball.

I’ve decided to start a new weekly series called Try It Tuesday. Each Tuesday you should expect something new that I’ve tried out and my review of it; I’m hoping it will inspire some of you to try something new as well!

I plan on crossing categories Tuesday to Tuesday – if you’ve learned anything about me yet, my cravings vary day by day so it’ll be based on what I’m #cravingcurrently.  Whether it’s a hair mask, a new local restaurant or recipe – you’ll get my honest review.

Today I decided to start with one of my favorite things – meatballs – because ever since I stepped into 8 Ball Meatball last week I cannot stop thinking about when I’ll be able to go back next.

#cravingcurrently crab balls, sliders, fried pickles….

Let’s get one thing straight – I’m Italian and my Mom makes the best darn meatballs I’ve ever had… ever.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way 🙂 I can talk about how I was blown away by my experience at 8 Ball Meatball last Thursday night.

It was a calm Thursday night in Fells Point when my boyfriend and I got there so we had our choice of seats at the bar. We sat toward the end and the bartender immediately greeted us. He let us know that it was still happy hour and rattled off the specials.

All I heard was $4 house wine and quickly put in my order.

We started our meal off with Crab Balls AND the Fried Pickles – simply because we couldn’t choose between the two.


The crab balls were lightly dusted with Old Bay (one of my basic food groups) and then came with an Old Bay Aioli dipping sauce. Honestly – I could put that dipping sauce on a shoe.. it was that good.


The fried pickles were tempura battered then fried – and came with a ranch like dipping sauce (also another one of my basic food groups).

We each decided we wanted to try out some sliders – so we could try out a couple different meat and sauce combos. During Happy Hour all sliders are $2 as well…can’t really beat that!


I did (from left to right) the spicy pork ball with the spicy pork sauce (had just the right amount of heat for me), a chicken ball with a the parmesan cream sauce (savory), and then the classic ball with the mushroom gravy (like the old bay aioli, could eat this sauce on a shoe….).


We were full but just couldn’t resist what they had on the dessert menu – CHURROS. I’m a major churro enthusiast so we had to get an order; they did not dissapoint.


The churros came with a chocolate dipping sauce and a caramel dipping sauce – both were equally amazing.

My final verdict – you need to try this place out!

If you’re looking for something to do on this Try It Tuesday, head down to 8 Ball Meatball, you might just see me there :).







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