So my last post was a Gift Guide showcasing all the uniquely amazing gifts you can get for under $50. Today I wanted to share a gift guide for all those important, but likely hard people to buy for on your list – that you might want to spend a little more than $50 on.

Whether it’s your Brother whose really into traveling or your Cousin who is constantly on the cusp of all the latest tech gadgets – this guide will help navigate everyone on your list. So if you’re craving currently an easy way to check off everyone on your list this year – this guides your go-to.

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Today marks the first day of December – which means the countdown to Christmas is officially ON. Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas anyone?

Now I don’t know about you all but I was never one of those people to start Christmas shopping early. I know people who are done shopping by July – more power to ya if that’s you, but I’ll just say that’s not my style. 

So to everyone else who is still looking for the perfect gift for their BFF, Mom, co-worker, a gift exchange or hey just #cravingcurrently a little something for yourself – here’s the next post in my Holidaze series, a gifting guide – all under $50.

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It’s official, it’s Thanksgiving week which means we are only about one month from Christmas. It’s getting real people and if you’re anything like me you’re ridiculously  e x c i t e d !!!

I got my first red Starbucks cup yesterday and it got me #cravingcurrently everything about the Holiday’s, a HoliDAZE if you will.

In that spirit I’ve decided to kick off this Holiday season with a couple posts (I’m sticking with Holidaze for the series) that’ll give a run down of some great Holiday foods, gifts and outfits that are perfect for all the events coming up over the next few weeks.

First up – my favorite side dishes – because let’s be honest, sides bring it all together. So whether you’re hosting, attending, or work potlucking, these sides are sure to be the center of attention.

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Alright guys – I’m going to get real and let you all in on a not so secret, secret.

When I go to a restaurant I typically sit down – glance over the wine menu, order a red and then begin to spout out how every appetizer and entree sounds good and I want one of each thing on the menu. Literally, every… damn… time I’m #cravingcurrently the entire menu.

Now obviously ordering one of each of the items on the menu is possible but not cost effective OR waistline acceptable.

Enter, Tapas in the City.

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Guys, I have a problem. It’s 85 degrees outside and it’s October. What is this?!

Last week I was celebrating the Fall weather and going crazy over this denim top – this week I’m checking to make sure my pedicure is still in tact so that I can wear sandals to work.

Maryland at it’s finest.

Well I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m going to dress for the weather I want; I mean hey, they are still pumping the A/C at work!

Now back to this post – Whistle & Wild has done it again. I teased that I had something else to share with you all outside of that denim top and this marshmallow dreams sweater is literally something else – it’s  d r e a m y. From the second I put it on I decided I never wanted to take it off. If you’re #cravingcurrently a sweater that will take you right through Fall and be your favorite layer underneath your winter uniform – this is it.

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