Packing has always been a tough one for me. There should 100% be a college course on ‘Effective Packing’. I mean there’s the ‘roll technique’ – there’s the ‘plan out your outfits technique’ – I’ve tried many and I still struggle when it comes time to figure out what needs to go into my bag for a quick weekend getaway. Anyone else?

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Last week was such a tease. I mean c’mon – sunny and right around 75 degrees? It can’t get much better than that when it’s still technically winter. But all good things must come to an end – sigh. The forecast is calling for colder temps but I guess, that is what February is supposed to feel like…c o l d!

I’m escaping this forecast though (gah) and heading to Charleston this weekend for the Charleston Wine + Food – a little packing post is coming soon so stay tuned – but I couldn’t help but share this amazing floral dress that’s definitely making its way into my suitcase. If you’re #cravingcurrently something easy for happy hour or a piece that looks just as cute with a denim jacket over top – this will be your latest obsession.

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I’m not sure about anyone else but I recently have this obsession with jackets. Whether it’s a faux fur jacket, a denim jacket, or a light jacket I can wear all day – my collection is  g r o w i n g.

I recently added this satin bomber to my collection from Baltimore local shop Brightside Boutique and I’ve been wearing it nonstop (everyday #cravingcurrently). With these bi-polar temps we’ve been having it’s perfect; you can wear during the warmer days alone or layer it underneath a heavier jacket when Baltimore decides to give us those frigid days.

Bonus – it’s also  u n d e r  $50!

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I think it’s no secret that I have an obsession with Pure Barre. Whether it’s my InstaStories or a Instagram photo – I’m consistently professing my love hate relationship with this intense workout.

Now with that being said, I’m not going to lie – I am not Ms. Fitness by any means. Yes, I workout and I love that post workout feeling but I typically face the internal struggle of sleeping in vs. going to my 5:30 AM Barre class. I’m sure (or atleast hope) many of you can relate.

Regardless of the struggle I encounter of getting to Barre in the wee hours of the morning – I never regret going. The sense of community in the studio, the instructors cheering you on by name, the music, the literal shake you get from holding a move or pulsing. It’s always worth it.

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Well, I know I said it before – with these frigid temps (outside of yesterday, 60 degrees in January?!) I wish I could just sit indoors all day long ignoring my responsibilities and staying warm. But since I can’t – layers have become my best friend. Well layers and this faux fur jacket.

Not only is this jacket warm it also is the perfect statement piece to add to any wardrobe. Honestly – I’ve worn it with t-shirts, with dresses, it just compliments any outfit.

In the recent months I’ve acquired a couple faux fur pieces in my wardrobe – from vests to tops to jackets. I think it’s official I’m craving currently – FAUX FUR  e v e r y t h i n g.

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